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Lake Manyara

Lake Manyara National Park nestled in Tanzania’s rainforest offers a truly thrilling sight. Find out why Lake Manyara amazes even seasoned travelers.

Lake Manyara National Park

Lake Manyara National Park is located in Tanzania's rainforest, near the Great Rift Valley. Besides attracting predators, the park is also a habitat for vast colonies of pink flamingos. The sheer number of these flamingos surprises even seasoned travelers, as their reflection creates a dense pink spectacle along the shoreline, multiplying their already substantial population.

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Lake Manyara

More than 400 bird species are present in Manyara Park, some of which are exclusive to Tanzania. The park is home to various birds like pelicans, storks, ibises, cranes, cormorants, and marabous. Additionally, you can find ancient bird families like hornbills in this small park. Besides birds, Manyara Park also boasts a diverse range of African wildlife, including zebras, buffalos, elephants, giraffes, lions, and more.

Some of Animals You Will See

Image by Wolfgang Hasselmann
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Image by Birger Strahl

Interesting Facts About Manyara National Park

Pink flamingo colonies migrate to Lake Manyara National Park from June to September each year. They prefer the mud flats, where their main food source, crustaceans, is abundant. Without this diet, their feathers would be grey-white instead of pink. The flamingos' color changes from grey as hatchlings to pink as they age due to the carotene pigment found in their food.

Lake Manyara Park Photography

Flamingo Manyara
Hippo Manyara
Lake Manyara
Lake Manyara National Park
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